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What are we running this year

International Abbott Majors, NYRR borough series, local fun races, Big Sur Marathon, what are the races our runners are training for this year?

This week Dario Leoncini flew to Las Vegas to run the Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon, a remarkably beautiful road race that takes runners from the forests of Kyle Canyon on Mt Charleston to Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring a smooth downhill slope and spectacular scenery in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

"I always like to run some races in other parts of the country. This is a fast race and I had good chances to run a BQ (Boston Qualifier) race". Dario did not disappoint and ran the marathon in an awesome 2:58:22 earning his qualification for Boston Marathon!

If you are thinking to imitate Dario, beware that he is a very strong and well-trained runner, there are no shortcuts to gaining a BQ, you can find a faster race but the only way to success is hard training!

We look forward to seeing Dario running ht Boston Marathon in 2023!

There are many reasons to be wanting to run the Boston Marathon, it is the world's oldest annual marathon (the first edition was in 1897) and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious road racing events. There is no lottery to enter the race, a runner must qualify or run with a Charity and the spots with a tour operator are very limited (however earning your entry by qualifying is priceless!).

Boston is the first marathon officially run by a woman in 1967 after women were banned from running long distances at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Boston Marathon became the first major marathon to include a wheelchair division competition when it officially recognized Bob Hall in 1975.

The Boston Marathon is one of the 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors with TCS NYC Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, TCS London Marathon, and Tokyo Marathon. Runners who have completed all 6 races can earn a special 6 stars medal

Who is running a Major this year? Xiomara, Valeria, Paola, Martina, Jonathan, Ilaria, and Amina are running the BMW Berlin Marathon on September 24 2022. Other than through a very tough qualification time, you can earn your entry with a ballot entry held each fall or with a charity (or a tour operator).

Xu, Silvia, Matteo, Irina, Giorgio and Dario (yes the same Dario) are running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2022. Entry to this race can be earned through a Chicago Qualifying time, a drawing or a charity fundraise (or a tour operator). Silvia is running for the St. Jude Heroes charity and Dario for the Team Paws Chicago.

Let's not forget our home Major race, our beloved TCS NYC Marathon, this year Jennifer, Chiara, Roberta, and Joseph are running this amazing race for the first time, and they will not be alone!

But there is more than the Abbotts'! A group of the team's runners entered the Big Sur International Marathon lottery last year and are running on April 24, 2022: Xu, Valeria, Megan, Lorenzo, Jess, Irina, Arianna, Amina. The Epic Runs of the World Lonely Planet book writes about it: "California's ruggedly stunning Highway 1 is a race venue that is perfect for deep thinking and self-reflection - if you can forget about the quad pain, that is!".

Among all these international races, we are running the NYRR borough series: RBC, Brooklyn Half, Queens 10K, NB Bronx 10 miles, Staten Island Half. and many more, check the NYRR calendar for ideas!

Still don't know what to run this year? If you want to stay local NYC RUNS organizes races in NY and NJ, the Rockaway Track Club (also known as Rocapulco) hosts a running series on the Boardwalk at Rockaway Beach. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon team organizes races in NY as well. If you want to travel check the Rock'n Roll Running Series in the US for fun races and REVEL Marathons & Halfs for beautiful sceneries.

In need of more inspiration? If your fellow runner above were not inspiring enough, have a look at some readings below. And if you find your race, let us know, there is always another team member eager to run!

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