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Our friendship started with running, we trained and ran the TCS 2019 NYC Marathon together and we became inseparable. We decided to share our passion with other people and created NY World Runners. In 2020 we are running BMW Berlin Marathon as a team.

We believe that running can change people's lives and we hope to give our contribution with this club.

Everyone is welcome, any age, gender, nationality and fitness. 




Favorite race: Marathon

Runner since 2001

Bucket-list race:

My motto:




Favorite race: 10 miles

Runner since 

Bucket-list race:

My motto




Favorite race: Half Marathon

Runner since 1987

Bucket-list race: Abbott Majors

My motto



NY World Runners’ mission is to create an inclusive community for runners of all genders, ages, nationalities, and fitness levels.


We believe that running is much more than logging miles and collecting medals – it is a sport that helps us be our best selves and feel at home anywhere and everywhere. NY World Runners is a setting for making long-lasting friendships, finding encouragement and inspiration, and rising to new challenges.

Our goal is to provide a support system for runners to develop and maintain a healthy habit that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. NY World Runners seek to introduce new runners to a sport like no other and encourage experienced runners to maintain and improve their fitness level.

Some of the activities promoted and facilitated by NY World Runners include organizing group runs, coordinating participation in official races, and sharing personal experience about training and nutrition.

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