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Running while traveling

Updated: Jun 8

You are halfway on your training plan, you have been training very hard and are seeing the results. You have been doing your strength training, eating good meals and sleeping well. You are feeling confident and happy about your training and ... the time to travel arrives!

Don't panic! Whether it is a planned family vacation you have been looking forward to, or a sudden work trip to Europe, travelling does not necessarily mean breaking your good streak of training! Here are some tips for the traveling runner.

1) Don't forget your shoes and running outfit (and make sure they are appropriate to the weather conditions you are going to find). Pack your running shoes in your cabin luggage or wear them to travel to save space.

2) Decide when you are going to run in advance. Finding time and motivation will be easier if you have a plan.

3) Be flexible. You might prefer running in the morning, but you may have to change to an evening run if business meetings are all in the early morning.

4) Find running buddies. Convince your friends or family to run with you or ask your colleagues if they want to join.

5) Find a good route. Ask the hotel concierge, search the internet or ask your local colleagues where to run!

6) Enjoy the run. If you are on vacation, it is a great way to have a relaxed run, enjoy the nature, or get to know a new city.

If you are traveling for work, running can help you cool down and it can also be a great way to have team building time!

7) Stay safe. Make sure the route you have planned is safe, wear clothes that make you visible in traffic.

8) Stay healthy. When traveling you might be more prone to get a cold. Hydrate well and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables if you can!

9) Buy a good pair of compression socks and wear them on your flights. They help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling or - worse! - clotting.

10) Be it for work or for vacation, enjoy your time away!

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