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NY World Runners is now an official NYRR team

We are very excited to announce that NYRR has accepted our team’s application, and we can now officially run as a team!

You can add your affiliation with NY World Runners by logging in to your profile and selecting your team name under Club Affiliation in the Account Settings section.

All future races will default to the new team affiliation. Please make sure you are affiliated with NY World Runners when you pick up your bib at Number Pickup as team affiliation updates cannot be made post-race.

Note that if you are currently affiliated with another team, you will need to make sure that you have not ran a scored NYRR race with your previous affiliation for 90 days before being able to change affiliation; you can email for help in changing your affiliation.

Ted Corbitt 15K this Saturday is the next Club Point Race. Valeria, Silvia, Paola, and Amina will run it and try to score for the NY World Runners.

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