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What to Do If You Cannot Run

There may be many reasons why a runner cannot run-- an injury, a business trip, too much work-- but we are definitely not used to not being able to run because of a pandemic event.

Runners in New York City are currently allowed to exercise and walk outside, as long as they stay six feet away from others. Many of us, however, have decided to stop running outdoor (whether or not to run outdoor is a personal decision, and we will not comment on that). In addition, all gyms are now closed, so exercising is very difficult for many.

We all know that exercising has multiple benefits for our immune system and for our mental health. So what do we do? If you have a treadmill or a stationary bike in your home, you are very lucky! If not, it is time to get creative. We got accounts of people in Asia who ran a full marathon in their apartment! While this may be too much for you, you can still run up the stairs or jump rope.

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If you are member of a gym, check if they have courses online. There are also several resources online. Here are a few we tried.

Hot pilates with YO BK (@yo.bk) on Instagram. It's pilates ,and it's hot!

Rossana Abritta, daughter of one of our team members, offers an online class (@rossanaabrittadanceperformer)

YMCA has a rich selection of courses

There are plenty of options online. If you find this overwhelming, your best bet is to choose a course you can share with some of your friends in a fitness challenge style. You can also have your kids join and make this a fun family moment (and also keep them busy and healthy). Make a family daily activities calendar and add the fitness time as a fixed appointment. Make a space in the house a temporary gym with your mat, your foam roller and your kettlebell.

Photo byKelly SikkemaonUnsplash

Most important, do not be too hard with yourself if you cannot exercise as much as you would like or you are used to. If you cannot do much cardio, focus on your strength training and you will benefit from this later, when you go back to the road or the trail.

Work on your hamstrings

Enjoy the pleasures of foam rolling

Listen to some resources to take care of your feet

and your glutes!

In any case, try to find some good time dedicated to yourself and think of other beneficial activities for your well being. For example, you can follow an online course like this one from Yale

Learn more tricks on your smart watch you never had the time to read the manual before.

Listen to good music, prepare a running playlist on spotify, read a book. Here are some ideas or Running Outside the Confort Zone by Susan Lacke

As you spend extra time at home, you can use it to review your outfits and organize them, here are some tips

If you are feeling nostalgic, think that you are not alone! Call your running buddies and think of the best running moments you spent together. Here are some for you to cheer up!

Looking forward to running together again!

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