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The United Airlines NYC Half is back!

Great race day yesterday for our NY World Runners with 21 participants to the United Airlines NYC Half!

The United Airlines NYC Half was the first race to be canceled in 2020, and being able to run it again was a great emotion! The weather was wonderful, the public was excited, kids ran 1.3 miles in Times Square and everyone had fun.

This was the first in-person half marathon for 9 of our runners and 7 others ran a Personal Record today!

Dario Leoncini ran 13.1 miles in his PR (1:28:03) with an amazing 6:43 pace per mile. We are very proud of him, who ranked 6th for his home country (ITA), for this very well-earned result! He was followed by Giorgio Albrieux who ran in 1:35:01 (PR) and Mathieu Blandin in 1:38:31 (PR).

A very strong Dario Leoncini in Central Park

In the women ranking, an amazing race for Silvia Schneiders who ran from park to park in 1:42:43 (her first official half marathon!), followed by Amina Garau in 1:50:16 (PR) and Valeria Secli 2:10:23.

Uragani Azzurri: Silvia, Giorgio, and Dario

Elena Della Volpe, Arianna Baggiolini, and Jonathan Busuttil also ran a PR. Jonathan ran his first sub-two-hours half marathon (1:59:07), well done!

Jonathan with his daughter Rakel, who ran the Times Square Kids Run

We like to tell about PRs because they are the result of months of hard training, but we want to mention that coming back from an injury, finding the time to train and race while busy on a job, or raising kids, are all wonderful results! All our runners are amazing whatever the pace and rankings are!

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