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The Runner of the month - Part 2 - A Chat with Francesco

Francesco Repetto is Dario’s buddy in the Rockaways scrambled legs team that won our first virtual challenge. Although he claims not being as fast as Dario, he's at least as hilarious.

How many miles do you run on average per week?

Mmmh hard to say… it depends on the season, on how busy I am... if I'm in the right mood... I would say around 10 miles, based on my last weeks and my "ideal week"!

How do you define yourself as a runner

Can I really define myself as a runner?! Seriously? What about "Runner della domenica" (The Sunday runner in Italian)? Italians can get that - he jokes

What is your running history?

I started with the "jog after work" that you do because you want to sweat out the alcohol of the weekend. Then my brother in law – Iron Man, UTMB, etc – told me that I wasn't running: I was just walking. He opened my eyes in a certain way! He started taking me to train with him (he made me literally throw up after crazy pieces of training as hill repeats) but in the end, he got I'm not that competitive and he gave up. But after all, he taught me to want to improve myself. To have that desire. And also he taught me about trails: I love them! By the way, can we organize a NY World Runners Upstate trail?? It would be amazing!

What advice would you give yourself as a runner when you started?

"A little run is better than nothing"! "Keep doing it and never stop, even forcing a bit yourself!" You struggle too much to restart from zero!!

Where do you see yourself as a runner in 10 years?

I see myself improving. I mean, I hope so. Even though I still feel that I'm not "designed" for long distances runs.

What is your motivation to run?

I run to release daily stress. Sometimes I feel like "if I won't run right now, I'm gonna kill someone!!". Also trying to improve a bit my performances, not in an obsessive way, of course. 

Were you ever forced to stop running (for an injury or personal reason)?

Many times, for every possible injury . The last one – did you guys know we have a muscle called "bandelletta" (ndr. Italian for iliotibial band)? Now I do. At the end of January, I had to stop for more than 2 months.

What was your most memorable race?

The one I still have to run (cit.), laughs

Easy, the last one I ran: the NYRR Midnight Run 2020 in NYC. New Year's Eve, Central Park, fireworks, NY friends… waking up the first day of the new year without a hangover: simply unforgettable.

What was your nightmare race?

The first one I've ever signed for. I arrived late and I could not get the bib on time, so I ran next to the race track, and to find out my time I had to check the time of the guy who crossed the finish line just before me. Not even a race pack at the end for me!

What is your running dream?

The "Rockaway Marathon" organized by the NY World Runners. With me designing the corporate identity of the event!

Jokes aside, I'd say the one we were supposed to run in November... Hopefully next year…

What do you think matters more, the fitness, the mind or the technology?

Fitness is very important and good technology as support too, but in the end, I think that the mind is crucial: it is the only thing that can help you to exceed your limits.

What gear can you not run without? (shoes or watch or outfit or…)

I won’t be really original saying... music. It keeps me company at the beginning, and it pushes me when I’m out of energy. It happens that I’m ready to go running, I see that my mp3 player is dead and... I end up giving up my run.

What was your best running purchase?

I was hoping you would ask this. I almost wrote an article about it, I have no doubts: my new shine Nike shoes! Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit, designed to help reduce injury.

I bought them after my last injury and I restarted running with them. I simply love them, I trust them and I would never change them! I can say I’ve developed an obsessive relationship with them...

Do you run alone or are you a groupie?

Both. I like to run with friends that can motivate me, but most of the time I run alone. Also because it’s important to choose the right running buddy. The last time I ran with someone, that person (my mate at "The Rockaway Scrumble Legs" Dario Leoncini!) ran too fast for me and I ended up at the hospital (it’s not a joke!)

What is the best part of running?

I'd say "that feeling you get after a shower after a good run": a mix of being exhausted and at the same time full of new energy!

It’s also an amazing way for exploring new places either if you live in the same city, creating new paths, or visiting new places (and you have only a little time but you want to take a look around).

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