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The runner of the month - Part 1 - A chat with Dario

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dario Leoncini is one of the winners of our first virtual challenge. Well, for one thing, he is fast! Let's find out more.

How many miles do you run on average per week?

It depends on the races I'm planning to run, the mileage could be very different. In this period with no major goals, I try to run at least 20M per week, but if some big race like a marathon is coming up, I run about 40M/45M per week.

How do you define yourself as a runner

Passionate and gears addicted (I really have a problem!!!).

What is your running history?

I was a triathlete for some years before moving to the US but running was actually the part that I hated the most so in 2016 when my NYC adventure began, I gave up on every outdoor sports activity (the weather in NYC is not friendly). I started to run again at the end of 2019 with the goal to lose some extra weight gained during the summer, and from that day something magical happened, and now it is something I can't live without.

What advice would you give yourself as a runner when you started?

"Dario after you run you must always stretch your legs", this advice for myself is always valid by the way!!!

What is your motivation to run?

Of course, to beat my wife, Valeria, on every race - he laughs.

Were you ever forced to stop running (for an injury or personal reason)?

Luckily I've never had any injuries. When I quit it was mainly for laziness.

What was your most memorable race?

Probably the LA marathon 2020, an amazing experience, and a very beautiful race from Downtown LA to Santa Monica. I really enjoyed every second of the trip with my buddy Francesco ( Francesco is the other winner of the Celebrate Summer Virtual race).

What was your nightmare race?

No doubts about it, Brooklyn Half in 2018, where I literally exploded on the Ocean Drive in an incredibly hot day and it was very difficult to see to the finish line. Valeria still makes fun of me, I swore I would never run again.

What is your running dream?

I would love to run all the 6 major marathons, including Boston where for me it is almost impossible to qualify, but never say never!

What do you think matters more, the fitness, the mind, or the technology?

These are all big factors, but in my opinion, having the right mindset is the most important thing. The days when I'm mentally exhausted is very difficult to train, in particular when I have to do some quality work. In this case, it is always better to postpone the training.

What gear can you not run without? (shoes or watch or outfit or…)

My Fenix Garmin Watch and my RunInRabbit cool outfits.

What was your best running purchase?

Probably the Nike Vaporfly Next %, that was a beautiful unexpected gift.

Do you run alone or are you a groupie?

I like running alone, often on the treadmill, since I really hate the extreme weather condition.

What is the best part of running?

The possibility to disconnect a bit from the daily stress and the fact that run is meritocratic if you put effort and passion you improve.

What was the most important lesson for you as a runner?

Seeing how other fellow runners don't give up on their goals. Running a marathon with a sore knee, running in the cold, running in the heat, my running mates have been of great inspiration to keep me going.

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