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Our First Virtual Race

Join us for our first challenge: CELEBRATE SUMMER VIRTUAL HALF MARATHON RELAY!  Team up with one or two running buddies to complete 13.1 miles “virtually” together!   Each runner has to run 6.55 or 4.36 miles on a course of their choice between July 10-19 and record the run on Strava. Sign up by sending an email to by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, July 9th. 

When: from Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 19  Where: wherever you want!  Who: you and your running buddy or buddies What: 6.55 or 4.36 miles  How: run outside and record on Strava - take a selfie or ask someone to take a picture!  Why: To stay connected!​

How can I sign up for this challenge?  Send an email to by 11:59 PM EST Thursday, July 9th with:  - Name and Email Address of Runner #1  - Name and Email Address of Runner #2  - Name and Email Address of Runner #3 (optional) - Name of the team (optional)  I didn’t find any running buddy. Can I still participate?  Yes, send an email to by 11:59 PM EST Thursday July 9th, we will match you with another runner.  Do I need a Strava account to participate?  Yes, having a Strava account is necessary to participate in this challenge.  When can I do my run?  The challenge will last three days and kicks off at midnight, Friday July 10th and is available until 11:59 PM EST Sunday, July 19th.  Where can I do my run?  This is a Virtual Race, you can run wherever you want! And of course, you and your running buddy can run on different courses. Yes you can also run together, but please stay safe! Should I run exactly 6.55 (or 4.36) miles?  You have to run at least 6.55 (or 4.36) miles (consecutively) but it is recommended to run a bit further to make sure Strava records the full 6.55 (or 4.36)  miles. We are going to take your Strava Average Elapsed Pace into account, multiply it for 6.55 (or 4.36)  miles in order to get your fraction of the relay.  Example: you ran 7 miles in 1 h 05 min at an average pace of 09:17 min/mile, your time for this challenge will be 1 h 00 min 49 sec (6.55 miles x 09:17 min/mile).  Why the “Averaged Elapsed Pace” and not the “Average Pace”?  Strava’s Elapsed time measures the total elapsed time of the run, including stops and pauses. This is still a challenge, we believe that this is the fairest and accurate way to represent pace for competitive running activities.  Is it possible to participate by running my 6.55 (or 4.36) miles on a treadmill?  No, unfortunately only outdoor runs will be taken into account.  Should I mark the activity as “Race” on Strava?   For this challenge, you can select the Run Type you prefer but please remember, only outdoor runs will count.  Should I set my Strava privacy setting to “Everyone”?  Not necessarily.  Making the activity visible to “Followers Only” or “Everyone” will help us build our leaderboard. If for any reason you want to keep the activity private and set to “Only me”, please send a screenshot of the Strava activity with all the details via email to by 11:59 PM Sunday July 12th.  I don’t see the leaderboard on Strava, why is that?  Strava doesn’t allow clubs to create their own challenge so there will be no leaderboard on the App.  But to satisfy your curiosity we will send partial results via email to all the participants. The final results will be sent on Monday, July 20th.  What happens when my running buddies don’t complete their 6.55 (or 4.36) miles?  If someone doesn’t finish their part of the relay, we will use the result of the last runner of all teams to complete the team's score.

Why do I have to take a selfie? By sending us a virtual team selfie, you can participate in a photo competition and win a special prize (see next question)

​Is there a prize for the winning team?

Yes, there will be a special price for the members of the winning team. In addition, the best virtual team selfie will be rewarded with a sample of running fuel and recovery products. I’m not a NY World Runners member. Can I still participate?  Yes, you can still participate. If you want to join the team complete the form here at

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