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NY World Runners Attended Its First NYRR Club Meeting!

We are proud to say that we attended our first Club Meeting at NYRR Run Center. Being there was a great opportunity to make our voices heard, give NYRR feedbacks about past races and suggestions on upcoming events.

Most important, NYRR announced the final registration dates for the Brooklyn Half and the NYC Marathon. We are going to send you MANY reminders but please, SAVE THE DATE!

  • Popular Brooklyn Half Guaranteed Entry Registration: Jan 8 – Jan 15

  • Popular Brooklyn Half First Come, First Served Registration: Jan 22

  • NYC Marathon Guaranteed Entry Registration and Drawing Application: Jan 30 – Feb 13

  • NYC Marathon Drawing: Feb 26

One of the main points of discussion at these meetings is the Club Points races management. (Click


for more information about NYRR Club Points races).

We talked about the introduction of two new Club Points races and the majority of the running club representatives voted for New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile and for Run as One 4M so next year we are going to have 11 Club Points races:

  • Washington Heights 5K (3/1/2020)

  • UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (3/28/2020)

  • Run as One 4M (4/26/2020) - New Entry for 2020!

  • Popular Brooklyn Half (5/16/2020)

  • NYRR Queens 10K (6/21/2020)

  • Team Championship 5M (8/1/2020)

  • New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile (9/13/2020) - New Entry for 2020!

  • New Balance Bronx 10M (9/27/2020)

  • NYRR Staten Island Half (10/11/2020)

  • TCS New York City Marathon (11/1/2020)

  • NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K (12/13/2020)

Now that NY World Runners is officially registered as Running Club with NYRR we can run these races together as a team so don’t forget to select the Club Affiliation on you NYRR Dashboard! Once you are logged in to NYRR, go to Dashboard and select Account Settings (please note that if you are on a mobile device you have to scroll to the right to reach this section).

Scroll down to Runner Profile and select NY World Runners from the Club Affiliation list.

Once you click Save, a request is sent to NY World Runners' managers (the Club Affiliation won't update immediately, it has to be approved first but you won't wait for long!).

Welcome on board!

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