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Manhattan 7 Mile: A Race that Made Everyone Happy

A crisp February morning was the perfect setting for a race in Central Park that replaced our usual weekly group run.

We had many good reasons to be happy about it, whether we ran the race as part of a long run as Valeria did, or we just ran the race distance.

The Manhattan 7 mile is one of the 6 races that grants entry to the UA NYC Half Marathon in the following year. You need to run 4 out of 6 races to earn that entry. This race was moved from Summer to Winter--the past edition took place last August.

"It was chilly and this made us run faster" we joked when we finished today. Either there was something magic in the air or the training for the half marathon is already paying off.

We are halfway in our Half Marathon training and this race was a test of our current shape and the results were awesome!

Many of us ran at our best pace, some of us moved up one corral or two (yay Paola!) someone ran the first race without walking, someone ran the longest distance ever!

Who was back today after a forceful stop was happy to be on their feet again. Well done Jennifer and Valeria!

We did not only test our legs but also new shoes, fuel, and outfits. Here some facts!

Lesson learned

Tie your shoes with a double tie; plan your meals, eat your breakfast or your energy gel at the right moment; don't forget to wear your gloves on a chilly day; plan your time well, a couple of seconds can be more than moments, have a course strategy ready before you start; have fun.

Shoes we used

Nike Vaporfly Next%, Brooks Adrenaline 20, Brooks Ghost 12, Hoka Cavu.

Fuel we tested

Huma Gel, Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Distances we ran today

10 miles, 7 miles

Podcast we listened to

Hidden Brain, Lore, TED radio hour

Post race routine

Plenty of water; a cool down walk; a good breakfast with our running friends; foam rolling: pilates: stretching; rest

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