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Are you ready for the 2022 United NYC Half?

You have probably run your last long run, and in less than a week you'll be at the start in Prospect Park ready to run the United NYC Half, a race that is returning in person after two years.

United NYC Half 2019

Are you ready? We bet you are! Your training is almost over and what is done is done, there is nothing you can change this week about it.

However, there is still something you can do to impact your race on Sunday: rest, sleep, eat well, plan your race day.

Rest. You need to get to the race trained but with fresh legs. In the last week, you should avoid running too hard, avoid strength training, and any excessive effort. This is what is called tapering.

Sleep. You may not sleep well the night before the race, but you have to sleep plenty the week before the race. Go to sleep early, avoid alcohol and stress if you can.

Eat well. You don't need an excessive carb-load but, eat your carbs (and proteins). Drink plenty of water throughout the week.

Plan. There are a few things you need to plan, so we made a list.

  • Download the UnitedNYCHalf mobile app

  • Pick up your bib in person at the EXPO. The United Airlines NYC Half Experience Presented by New Balance will take place at Center415, located at 415 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (between 37th and 38th streets). In order to pick up your bib number and race materials, you must make an appointment in your NYRR dashboard. Make sure to bring proof of vaccination and id.

  • Have a course strategy. Study the course on the NYRR United NYC Half race page, get advice during the Expo, look for the course strategy sessions on the NYRR page on Facebook.

  • Join a Pace group. Members of the NYRR Pace Team will be on hand to guide participants toward specific goal times over the 13.1 miles. Pace Team members will lead groups at various paces between 6:06 per mile and 13:45 per mile (between a 1:20:00 finish and a 3:00:00 finish). Look for the NYRR pace team at the Expo and ask for details.

  • Enjoy the Expo, it's an inspiring experience, meet international runners, find your name on the wall of runners, shop the official event collection.

  • Check the weather for race day. You can start having a reliable weather forecast starting on Thursday before the race. March is known for sketchy weather, you need to be ready with a few options for race day apparel.

  • Prepare your running gear. Make sure the shoes you are going to wear are dry on race day. Decide what you wear based on the weather. Remember "nothing new on race day", a chafing sock or pants can ruin your race. You can wear the race shirt or the NY World Runners shirt or whatever you like, just make sure you have tried everything on a run before.

  • Prepare your pre-run gear. It might be cold, in this case, we recommend fleece pants and a hoodie you can wear above your running outfit while you get to the start. You can leave these gently used clothes in dedicated bins at the start, they will be donated to the God's Love We Deliver charity. You might want to change your shoes at the start if it's raining. Depending on the temperature hand warmers and a space blanket can be helpful too.

  • Prepare your bag-check. Checking a bag is particularly helpful if there is no one to wait for you at the finish line with warm clothes and if you have to travel to get back home.

  • Plan your trip to the start. In order to do this, you need to know your wave and starting time, use the recommendations of the NYRR, make sure you get there on time "do not race to the race". You also need to know if you are checking a bag or not as the entrance to the corrals depends on that. Check the NYRR United NYC Half race page, for details.

  • The day before the race, finalize your running gear, set everything aside ahead of time, charge your smartwatch and headsets. Choose a playlist if you like, get your gels or chews. Eat a light carb-rich meal, get your breakfast ready, set your alarm, go to sleep!

Race morning: make sure you eat your breakfast 1-2 hours before the start, drink enough water, and head out on time.

At the Start: leave your bag at the bag-check (if you planned so), go to the restroom, head to your corral, take off the clothes you want to donate just before the race start, take photos, meet friends.

Start map NYRR

And GO! You are ready, yes, you are ready for a great day, don't forget to enjoy this last piece of a training journey. We'll see you at the finish line!

United NYC Half 2019 - NY World Runners

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