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A Midnight Run into 2020

The idea of running a race on New Year's Eve may sound bizarre and one might think that this is one of those weird races that Susan Lacke describes in her book Running Outside The Comfort Zone, such as the naked running race Caliente Bare Dare 5K in Florida or the cheese rolling Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll in England.

First of all the start time for the NYRR Midnight Run is 11.59 PM, second, there are cider fluid stations along the course and at the end of the race.

And obviously there is a promise of fireworks, and you can take a guest along (but only one).

So we decided, this year Midnight Run it is!

After a (not so) light dinner and not much wine we headed to Central Park. We had our festive skirts hats and glasses and we were glaring in the dark. So that a group of college students asked if they could join us in the surely cool party we were going to!

And a party indeed we found! Countdown watches and colorful crowds were awaiting us.

At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks started and so did the race (not before about 5000 runners at the corrals sang the countdown along with 57-58-59... 2020!!!)

Runners of all ages and nationalities, of all paces and outfits, joined the race. Fathers with young daughters, whole families, and groups. It was all very cheerful and running in the park enlightened by the fireworks was a great emotion.

After all, is there a better way to end and start your year than running?

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